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Whether you want to send a birthday gift to your sister at a study abroad program or you want to ship business packages to various associates, we are there to serve your purpose.

What we do?

When it comes to International Shipping Solutions, Sandbox USA will look after your needs! We are registered DHL shipping service providers in Brooklyn.

International Shipping can be complex as every nation has their own set of rules and regulations that differs from others, when it comes to packages coming from around the world. Getting acquainted with these rules and regulations can help with error-free, timely shipments.

Why Sandbox?

Since 1969, the DHL Express has been dedicated to international shipping and became the largest international shipping company in the world, which delivers loads and parcels to millions of people in more than 220 countries.

We feel proud to be the recognized associates of DHL Express today in Brooklyn. As a DHL Authorized Shipping Center (DASC), Sandbox is officially documented by DHL Express as the international shipping experts.
Our expert shipping staff has been trained on the rules and regulations, restrictions, documentation and delivery options to various countries that DHL serves. Since it is an “Express” service, you can rely on us to get valuable international package where it needs to be on time, unharmed and without shocks.

We are committed to our statements and try our best to deliver your shipments according to the day and time you want. SandboxUSA offers you an easy and convenient reach to the world’s largest international shipping network at very economical price range.

Shipping with DHL Express means specialist international shipping and courier services! At SandboxUSA DHL Express services, you get a wide range of express parcel and package services along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs.

SandBox DHL Express Shipping

Our DHL Express international services include International express deliveries, global mail deliveries, worldwide freight forwarding by air, sea, road, warehousing solutions from packaging to repairs, or storage, and other customized logistic services. With our premium and reliable services, we help connect people sitting far distance from each other and make their lives simpler!

Sandbox Is Ready To Help With Various Aspects of Your International Shipping Requirements:

  • International packaging standards and materials
  • International package insurance
  • Electronic Export Information
  • International shipping documents — airway bills, commercial & pro forma invoices, customs docs, proof of value

SandboxUSA is a packaging and shipping expert! Trust us and feel free to bring your precious and time-sensitive items. We have shipping boxes for everything, and we’ll pack it with TLC to make sure it doesn’t get harmed and arrives in perfect condition.

So, if you want to get your shipment delivered timely and safely, call us today! You can call us to enquire about your DHL Express shipment or to get a free quote.

To track your shipment, visit our Tracking Page and find out its status.

With SandboxUSA DHL Express service, international shipping is no more a concern today!

Thank you for choosing
Sandbox USA Packing, Shipping and Business Center!

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