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Fax Services

What would you do if, while traveling out of the city you need to send an urgent fax? Just relax and contact SandBox.

The emergence of e-mails and Google Drive has almost led to the end of fax today. As such, you might be wondering who uses faxes anymore? But, the truth is we send almost the same number of faxes today as we used to do when we just started. This is because with a drop in number of faxes that need to be sent in the US, there was a decline in the numbers of fax machines also. This created issues in emergency situations. For example, when your lawyer has to get your signature on something ‘today’ via fax and you don’t have a fax machine to receive it. Business emergencies during travel can be another example. Although, you may face these situations rarely, but when you do, SandBox is here to help you.

As a world-class fax solution, SandBox empowers you with several benefits.

  • Send and receive local, domestic and international faxes.
  • Fax services to Individuals and business owners.
  • A complimentary fax cover sheet is provided for you.
  • Tracking you faxes and holding them until you are able to pick up.
  • Receive a printed confirmation for your records.

Easy as email

With the ease of Internet, SandBox enables you to quickly access your faxes from your wireless device, or laptops. These are delivered as attachments directly to your email inbox.

Our fax service is undoubtedly fast, reliable, and highly secure.

Sandbox provides unmatched transmission security and maintains a 99% up-time, which means that you’ll never find the signal busy. We also offer the service to store your fax documents for the lifetime of your account that can be searched easily, when needed. With all of these great benefits, SandBox is the best fax solution for your individual or business needs.

SandBox offers you a few other benefits also:

  • 10% off to new customers
  • High quality service, whenever or wherever you want.
  • Availability of friendly professional staff to serve your needs, and little to no waiting time to get serviced.
  • Local Resource for all businesses.
  • Affordable Prices.

So, if you want to avail our fast and reliable fax services, call us today at 718-408-9310.

For more information, write us @ Info@sandboxusa.com

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