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How to find the perfect office Space in Brooklyn?

Due to unavailability of large spaces for offices the need to rent the offices for timely basis has increase manifold. With a rental office you always have the luxury of designing it in your own convenient ways and also using it as per your needs.

But the thing is how to identify whether a rental space for office would be beneficial to you? Since the prices have also risen for office space due to increase in demand therefore, it becomes difficult to find an affordable space that caters to all your professional needs.

Check out the following points that can help you in finding the ideal office space for your company.


Location is a major deciding factor of success of your business. Is the city easily acceptable from other places? How easily approachable is your office?

All these factors are to be considered while finding the office space.

NYC is one of the most sought after locations by most businesses to look for office space. The reason is valid enough. New York City provides ample opportunities for all types of business to grow and flourish. Although the office space are available at exorbitant rents and even some of them are overly compact that they suffocate the working environment.

So, if you are looking for an office space in NYC, then Sandbox USA is the right place to find it. You can create the working environment of your choice and let your business touch new skies in New York.

Searching for the right Broker

Good chemistry with your broker is very important as this person will be working with you day in and day out to get the perfect space for your office. An insistent sales person will lead you nowhere while a broker with wavering mind can become frustrating for you.

So, it’s must to look for someone who has sufficient knowledge of commercial real estate and also understands your need of the office space.

Be clear with the amount of space you need

Don’t rent extra space that you don’t need. Especially for startups, it’s good to save money for other investments. If you don’t need a particular space then don’t hesitate to say no to it. Keep your search on till you find the right space for your office.

Look for changes, if needed

After your search is over, check if that space is completely fits your office requirements. Are some minor changes are required? Ask your broker or landlord for getting those changes done. Also inquire about options like parking, if they are also included in the contract.

Lease is an important factor

If everything works according to you except for the lease, then this is a real problem. Look for hidden costs and fees in the contract. Check whether utilities are included or not and request an estimated cost. If you are suspicious or are a first-timer then it’s advisable to hire a real estate lawyer to evaluate the lease.

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