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Mailbox Rentals

Sandbox USA offers a secure alternative to mail delivery for all customers in our local area. Whether in need of a mailbox for your personal or business needs, we offer different sizes to suit your needs. Maybe you need a small one for your personal use, or a medium sized box if you get a large amount of mail; a large Mailbox would probably be suitable for your business needs.

Our mailboxes provide safe and private access with daily package reception at a commercial address. Ship your mail to our location with a real street address and utilize our additional package services available to accommodate your ongoing needs. Mail can be forwarded upon request.

Mailbox services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Range in mailbox sizes for personal and commercial uses
  • Physical street address for your delivery needs (No PO Box Number)
  • Fedex Ground, FedEx Express, UPS, USPS, Fedex and DHL packages accepted
  • Separation of business and personal mail for each account
  • Worldwide shipping services
  • Simple application and set up process
  • Professional staff Mail storage (free based on account type)
  • Digital notifications of mail and package receipts
  • Mail forwarding available

Start A New Mailbox

To open a new business or personal mailbox with Sandbox USA, please complete the below form to pre-register your account. Once form has been submitted to mailbox@sandboxusa.com please:
1. Call us at 718-408-9310 or walk into our offices to complete the process
2. Come into the office to completing Form 1530 for the US Postal Service
3. Providing proof of identity and/or address
4. Completing payment for 3 months, 6 months or 1 Year rental

Renew My Mailbox

For online mailbox renewals, click on your renewal terms below and complete payment with Paypal:

Mailbox Rental